I am Lotta. It's short for Charlotte. Wanner is my last name (well actually it is my husband's name 😉) I am a passionate artist based from home in a small town in Sweden. I am in the constant process of exploring and honing the core of what is my proffessional style of art. It is a great journey for myself to follow and I am so happy to share the joy, because the purpose of my art is to spread joy and hope.

I use the ipad for the art that is printed. And the sketch book for the creative relaxation and flow.

The items in the shop are made in the best possible way for the environment and our planet. 


Perhaps you will find something in my shop that will light up a space in your life.. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something you are more than welcome to contact me.

My art is also exhibited in a physical store in the Southern part of Sweden, at beautiful Gårdsbutiken på Gröneröd


and the amazing store Tråd in Leeds, UK https://tradcollective.com/